Car detailing course

Different types of courses by Car Barber

Practice workshop: polishing

In 3 hours you learn how to polish correctly. This course consists of a piece of theory in which we will polish you how to start a car. Which polishing machines, pastes and pads are available and we will show you the correct polishing technique. Then you immediately start polishing with the right means. You know all the tips and tricks and you master the polishing completely. You then have the knowledge and experience to polish cars safely and properly yourself.

Costs: €295,-
Duration: 3 hours
Date: in consultation

We also provide polishing workshops on location. Contact us for the possibilities. Costs from €295 for a minimum of 3 hours plus travel costs. Additional hours in consultation. We will come to your location with our own materials and give the course 1 on 1 or in groups. Inquire about the possibilities.

Professional car cleaning and polishing course

Learn how to clean and polish cars in a professional way during our course!
This theory/practice course professional cleaning of cars, both interior and exterior and polishing is an extensive training for the professional cleaning and polishing of cars. This is highly recommended for hobbyists, people who want to start as a detailer or start a car cleaning business.

What you will learn during this course:

  • Properly cleaning the exterior, including the engine compartment
  • Using the foam Lance
  • Clay techniques
  • Type of chemicals and what function they perform
  • Machine polishing and the accompanying explanation about paste and polishing pads
  • Application of wax
  • Correct use of the microfibre cloths
  • Techniques to clean and protect the interior
  • Use Tornado and professional steamer
  • Deep cleaning of upholstery and leather cleaning

Costs:  € 495,- (included is lunch and use of materials)
Duration: 8 hours
Date: You can select a date when booking your course

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