Cleaning exterior

Outsource your car cleaning to Car Barber. Why? Car Barber cleans in detail. We make sure your car looks like new again.

Exterior spick and span

Outsource your car cleaning to Car Barber. Why? Car Barber cleans in detail. We make sure your car looks like new again. Not only are the large surfaces cleaned, we also clean the cracks, corners and seams. We wash your car completely by hand without leaving scratches or swirls.


On our website we have made an overview with our prices and standard packages that you can choose from. You will find this here. But don’t you want to pay for a whole package but only for a single service? That is also possible with us. For example, if you have some dull spots, dried bird droppings or a few scratches in the paint and you only want to have those spots polished, that is possible. You can also go for loss leather treatments or upholstery cleaning. We offer customization. Do you want to advise? Contact us or visit our location without obligation for a customized quote.

Car wash or have it cleaned?

There is a good chance that you have driven through the car wash more than once for convenience. You save time and do not have to work yourself. But watch out; the results are not too good… The large brushes never reach all the small, awkward corners and cracks. In addition, you have a high chance of rust forming after a visit to the car wash.

In the case of a new car, we strongly advise against having the car washed mechanically in a car wash. The paint of a new car needs another six months to fully cure. The same applies to cars that have been repainted (even partially or locally): the paint appears dry to the naked eye, but in reality it still needs some time to cure. Another disadvantage of using the car wash or laundromat is that a car can get car wash scratches in the paint. This is often the case with wash boxes with brushes: the worn hairs that spin against your car cause swirls: swirls are small round scratches in the car paint that are quite difficult to get out.

Only a good polishing treatment or solid wax will ensure that these swirls will disappear from the car paint.

After we have polished your car, we can protect the paint. Think of a wax layer, but that is also possible in a durable paint seal / coating. We offer 2 types of paint protection.

A unique anti – corrosion – paint seal developed for the finest finishes and protection on paint, aluminum, chrome, light metal and much more. Developed for the aerospace industry and gives an ultimate glossy finish which protects in several layers against the elements from the environment. The ability to adhere at Nano-Level allows this product to deliver unique results like no other sealant. Protects your car for up to 12 months.

Ceramic Coatings – long lasting protection against the elements. Clear protection that makes the surface shine.
Hydrophobic (water-repellent) self-cleaning effect because pollution is repelled from the surface.
Flexible structure prevents scratches and holograms.
Anti-static formula that makes the surface less likely to get dirty.
Protects the paint against UV radiation, liquid pollution, insects, bird droppings and more.
Protects against fading, discoloration and corrosion.
Resistant to all waxes – chemicals, pressure washers and rain.
Protects the car for up to 60 months.

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