KRYTEX™ Innovative coating

Car Barber is a certified partner of KRYTEX™ - Innovated coatings When we talk about innovation we are talking about products that never existed before.

Car Barber has selected the High-end ceramic protective coatings of the brand KRYTEX™  for your car. Car Barber is an official certified partner of KRYTEX™

KRYTEX™ is currently one of the most innovative ceramic coatings on the market. The coatings of  KRYTEX™ offer a very high quality of protection and a high durability.

Our team has completed specific training to learn the techniques for installing this high-quality coating.

We are proud to be in the list of accredited KRYTEX™ partner.

The ceramic protection will serve to perfect your vehicle, further enhancing the level of gloss and intensity of the paintwork and making it smooth and soft, but that’s not all! It provides a strong protective layer on your car. Chemical pollution, street dirt, excrement and acid rain do not get a chance to adhere, making the car easy to maintain.

This same ceramic layer has a high water-repellent power, which allows water to flow better and thus prevents dirt and impurities from remaining on your car, greatly facilitating the maintenance of your vehicle.

KRYTEX™ Ceramic Coating
– Reduces the risk of paint damage in car washes using low quality chemicals and low preparation
– Protect the paint against dulling and keep the original color
– Reduces the risk of stone chips
– Reduces the risk of corrosion
– Improves the shine, depth and intensity of the paintwork

We are able to offer you the same level of protection on all surfaces! The body, but also the rims, windows, plastic parts of the exterior, but also the interior such as leather seats, dashboard, navigation screen, etc.

The following layers can be placed:

KRYTEX™ 7H+  (1 layer)
KRYTEX™ 9H+ Mega 8 (2 layers)
KRYTEX™ 9H+ 9H+ Mega 8 (3 layers)
KRYTEX™ 9H+ 9H+ 9H+ Mega 8 (4 layers)
KRYTEX™ Mega 8 (suitable for ppf film – 1 layer)


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