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Ceramic coating

FEYNLAB® provides permanent protection against wax scratches (swirls) and dirt that wants to adhere to the paint, such as tree sap and tar. The extremely hard ceramic protective layer is also able to absorb light to medium scratches, so that the "as new" appearance is preserved many times longer

Cleaning interior

We have different methods for cleaning your car. The car is always first vacuumed and completely cleaned on the inside. Depending on the chosen package, we can clean the following for you:

Rim repair and alignment

When hitting a curb, a car rim can be badly damaged, especially the edges of the rim. Due to this curb damage, a car rim no longer looks good optically.

Dent removal without spraying

Dent removal without spraying is applicable if there is a dent in your car without paint damage. For example, you hit a pole and there is a small dent in your vehicle.

Fabric, leather, plastic repairer

A cigarette burn on the seat. Damage to the dashboard after a car break-in or due to the installation of a car kit, leather car seats damaged? Does your car have the leather interior of your?

Cleaning exterior

Outsource your car cleaning to Car Barber. Why? Car Barber cleans in detail. We make sure your car looks like new again.


If you regularly take your car through the car wash or if you wash the car with the wrong products, your car will be covered with scratches and swirls. Even something as common as a branch sliding past the car can be enough to damage the surface of your paint.

Delivery service

No time to bring and collect the car yourself or would you rather not have someone else drive your car? At Car Barber we have different solutions.

Gift card

Surprise a friend or family member with our Car Barber gift card. Determine the value yourself.

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